Thyolo Health Services, Malawi

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Thyolo Health Services Thyolo Health Services Thyolo Health Services Thyolo Health Services Thyolo Health Services



                                Malamulo Adventist Hospital  

Located in the southern part of Thyolo District in the rural town of Makwasa, the 275-bed Malamulo Adventist Hospital began life as a Christian mission when it opened in 1902. In 1915, an American hydro therapist called Irene Fourie opened a medical clinic at Malamulo Mission. In 1925, following the arrival of South African physician, Dr. Carl Birkenstock, the level of medical service provided by the Malamulo Mission significantly increased


Clinical Laboratory
Community Health (family planning, antenatal clinic)
Dental Clinic
Eye Clinic
General Medicine
HIV/Aids Treatment Center
Outpatient Clinics
Women's Cancer Screening



Malamulo College of Health Sciences (MCHS), is a constituent College of Malawi Adventist University (MAU) since 2007, but was until 2001, under Malamulo Hospital, and from 2001 the College became independent under its own management and Board.

Malamulo College of Health Sciences is a Seventh-day Adventist Health Institution Established in 1908. It is a member of the worldwide family of Adventist Educational Institutions. The institution started as a mission station in 1902 and a small dispensary in 1908 with the objective of preaching the word of God through the ministry of healing. Malamulo College of Health Sciences has been an educational component of Malamulo Hospital, which was introduced in 1938. The hospital started training Medical Assistants (MA) in 1938, Enrolled Nurse and Midwives (ENM) in 1953 and Laboratory Assistant (LA) in 1968, and Laboratory Technician (LT) in 1978, and Clinical Officers in 1998.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, holistic training for health service providers in order
to improve health services delivery by emulating Christ example