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HMIS Reporting Summary Rate

This indicator provides information about the percentage of missing reports for a period, providing a measure of the completeness of data in the DHIS 2 system. It is important for improving the monitoring system to ensure that it is generating complete data for timely action and feedback.


The figure below shows Monthly HMIS Reporting summary Rate for the Year 2020


HMIS Reporting Rate Chart


Source: DHIS2


The figure above shows HMIS reporting Rate summary for the Year 2020. There is an increase in reporting rate for both Actual Reporting and Timely Reporting. The actual reporting Rate means that the expected reports to receive out of the total Reports.

This increase is due to the introduction of DHIS2 mobile in the district where data clerks use tablets for data entry.

Support from DHMT rendering to the office like provision of airtime for following up missing reports and fuel for data collection contributed a lot.

Provision of Stationary from the Kuunika partner also contributed to making sure that data collection tools are always available.